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Present Crisis

Our families, churches, communities, and world are in dire need of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to use our music to shout the truth that God loves us and can change our lives and our world. We want to share the message of hope to anyone who will listen. We serve a mighty God! He can do anything. There is nothing too hard for our God. Dare to believe! You can join the mailing list above for updates.



David Garrett - lead singer, guitarist, and song writer


David is enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Arkansas Tech University. He enjoys hunting and fishing. He has a passion for music and sharing the message of Jesus through his songs.

Bruce Garrett - lead guitarist


Bruce is a retired CPA and the music minister of Hagarville Baptist Church. He is now living out his dream of playing music with his boys. He enjoys playing his guitar, doing yard work, and spending time with his family.

Sarah Bolduc - back-up vocalist


Sarah has been singing since she was five years old. Music has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. Sarah's husband and three children encourage her to share the message of Christ by using the gift of song that the Lord gave her. When Sarah is not rehearsing and performing with the band, she works as a service coordinator helping children get the services they need to gain developmental milestones that have been delayed.

Matt Garrett - bass guitarist


Matt is a junior in high school and loves to play tennis. He enjoys working with kids and aggravating his brothers. Matt has a great sense of humor and is our gadget go-to guy. If it is electronic, he can figure it out. He's also an avid cuber.

Luke Garrett - drummer


Luke is going to start the 6th grade in the fall. Luke was given an extra measure of energy, as anyone who has watched him play his drums can attest. He also loves tennis, swimming, and hanging out with his friends.